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Here’s to the crazy, sometimes pretty messed up, yet always loving each other despite the insanity group we call our family.

Gerald and I met on December 27, 2000, on a blind date set up by two very precious friends.  We have been together every day since and this crew makes up our family.  Two his, two mine – all ours.

I wish I could say the road has always been paved with roses, but we are human.  I am excited to open up with our life experiences and transparency of what we have been taught through the years. Lord willing, we will continue growing (we have a ways to go still).  As God continues to shape us up, my sincere prayer is our path will help make someone else’s easier.

I completely believe our journeys are intended for the sole purpose of building the kingdom of God… our molded character is to be used for ministering to others.

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In His grip lovingly,  Ashlee