Group Coaching

Whether you group is five new team members you need to kick start with a terrific welding of talents, strengths and skills, or your group is fifty and you need assistance working through a large transition, I can help.

My extensive professional experience has been with growing teams and motivating groups to success. This translates to individual fulfillment and thus harder working team members. It is an invaluable circle of quality in performance you can’t pass up.

My professional profile includes, but is not limited to:

  • Highly motivated leader maintaining high team morale during difficult times.
  • Exceptional interpersonal communicator with proven ability to motivate diverse groups.
  • Noted with leading ability to resolve conflict in adverse environments.
  • Easily builds mutual trust relationships with clients handling complaints and concerns in a sensitive way.
  • Skilled negotiator knowing how and when to make compromises communicating effectively to justify a position and influence a decision.
  • Dynamic public speaker delivering ideas, positions and problems in an interesting way.

If your field is ministry or machinery, Group Coaching is a resource you can not afford to pass up.

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