A love like…

F48243BC-F5C8-4F6D-9CA2-634D50A19B71A sweet friend commented on a picture of Gerald and I that she wanted a “love like Ashlee and Gerald”. She might have been joking (it hardly seems real to me), yet throughout the day, I keep going over this comment in my mind.

I don’t want to hide behind fun social media posts that only show the best of things. We need to be more real, transparent even, with each other.

I do crazy, madly, deeply love this man. He is my full scope of love defined. But everyday isn’t “Facebook (or Instagram) perfect”. It has been an up and down, wild, tumultuous, faith building, life making, heart breaking, dreams lost and new dreams made kind of life. We each have our own flavor of weird but it seems to be the best flavor for one another.

We have fought with a passion only rivaled by our mutual stubborn determination to not give up. There have been days I wouldn’t wish to repeat or hardly call a love worth emulating. Times no one should go through. Days we totally get it wrong and can’t claim we model reconciliation in the best possible way.

Our trials, some public and some very private, aren’t like everyone else’s exactly, but they are our trials to endure. To better us. Better for one another and better for the kingdom glory.  With God as the glue, we are still here looking at each other goofy, taking selfies and enjoying the ride (almost) every day.

I’ve always said, “I want a love like Johnny and June.” I guess, in reality, I got what I wanted in “a love like Gerald and Ashlee”. ❤️

Pray with me: Dear Heavenly Father God, thank you so much for giving Gerald and I to each other.  Thank you for the guidance and determination to hold on even when it’s been hard. Lord, continue to give us the love for each other like Christ loves us. God, remove any sense of pride from our hearts and allow us to use our story to glorify you. Give us all hearts to serve you.  In Jesus Name we pray, Amen.

2 thoughts on “A love like…

  1. Thank you for being so honest and real so that others might learn and grow from you and your life stories.


  2. This is the most beautiful, well written and truth that EVERYONE can identify with “thing” I have read on Facebook.. you two are such awesome people and wise enough about life to take that journey and see it through!


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