I helped write it….


I can’t remember the last time I was this excited and shocked.  Several weeks ago, I stepped out on a limb and submitted an entry for possible inclusion in a published devotional for this advent season.  I have just learned today, I was accepted!!


Thank you for your kind words to my writing here. You encouraged me to get really crazy uncomfortable, trust God all the more fully and take a chance on this amazing opportunity. Never ever did I really believe I would be selected, but God knew! He’s so stinkin’ cool like that!!!!

(Exclamation marks should be read with crazy enthusiam. The more the better! yay!!!)

Pre-sales start tomorrow, Thursday, September 15. More information to follow!!

In His Grip, Ashlee

Pray with me:  Thank you Lord for exciting days. Thank you for all the times you show up and surprise us in the middle of the mundane of life. Your love for us never stops amazing me and humbling me. God, through this, remind me how much obedience to your call matters more than fear of failure. Encourage others to step out in all the more faith with you knowing your plans in our obedience are better than anything we can imagine alone.  In Jesus Name! AMEN.