Have you ever considered the words ABOUT and FOR?  Before you say, “who cares!?”, stick with me – I’m going somewhere.  To really explore, let’s look at the difference the words mean when used in context.  If I say, “Tell me something about yourself” or “Tell me something for yourself”, would you answer the same way?  I tend to think not because they are pretty much different questions.

Look at it this way –

ABOUT yourself means with regard to yourself.

FOR yourself means for your benefit.

Now that  we have gone to English class, “so what” right?

Let’s take a step on over in our prayer life. Have you ever considered the difference in praying ABOUT someone and praying FOR them? Pretend for a minute you have not and I just enlightened you as much as I have personally seen light bulbs go off in my spiritual world lately.

I have spent many hours in my prayer life praying about relationships. I mean to tell you good long desperate hours seeking the face on my savior regarding people so near and dear to me.  I’ve gone face down prostrate to my master in request. I’ve wondered when God was going to act and felt long-term heart ache as I wait for reconciliation. To me, to God, to each other.

As I wait for their demons to become chained in the blood of Jesus.

As I wait for them to come to peace with God.

As I wait for their hurting to stop.

As I wait for their running to stop as they fall safe in the arms of God.

Remember the light bulbs?  It occurred to me while I was laying my face on the ground in front of my Father God…..I may have also been pounding my feet and fists in something of a two-year old tantrum.  Maybe, just maybe, many of my prayers sounded a lot like “God – change them!”, “Fix them!”, “Teach them a lesson”, “Oh, if only they knew you Lord” “…. spent more time with you God”, “…. were more obedient”.  You get the idea. Lots and lots of praying ABOUT.

I believe God has been waiting patiently for me. Listening, looking over to the right side of the throne and chuckling with Jesus. Probably saying, “this one, always going back to the same mistakes, is a little dense, ya think son?”  I think Jesus in all his redeeming glory might say “She means well Dad”.  I mean I’m sure they talk about us… aren’t you?

Fortunately, somewhere someone is praying FOR me as well as Jesus himself is personally interceding on my behalf with our Father. Hence – light bulbs!   This particular light was sparked from a conversation with a dear friend (Rachel – LOVE her).  Through her gently suggesting, I had some real revelation with God in my quiet time. I’m pretty sure she was His instrument in this timing.

Now, my heart is turned soft in my prayers FOR my people.

As I pray Jesus protect them from the demons they struggle against.

As I pray the peace of God to overcome their heart in troubled times.

As I pray their hurts will disappear.

As I pray God’s arms safely catch them when they feel His great grace.

Coming in line with God’s perfect will and desires for all of His children creates a love in my heart for others rather than my personal rant session I was having with God about them.

Maybe you too?  Maybe it was just me… either way, Good stuff God!!

In His Grip,  Ashlee

Pray with me:  Dear Heavenly Father God, thank you for sending us messages through your children you very deliberately put in our lives. This message I personally so needed to hear and maybe others too Lord.  I surely needed to get over myself. Give me the heart to pray for others rather than about others. I want to pray in their benefit not just describing them or their current struggles.  I pray for myself, God, that I would have a softened heart always remembering I will never look someone in the eye your son did not die for.  We are all your children and I am honored to come into your presence with prayer. Continue to correct me when I need it God.  Help us all remember.  In Jesus Name, Amen.


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