When enthusiasm appears to be panic.

Spoiler Alert – this is really just a funny story of me being “that” mom. (insert eye roll and hilarious laughy emoticons)

Back story… the oldest, Clay (aka Claybo – well, to me-ONLY known as Claybo), was traveling back from Daytona Beach where he had been competing with his college cheer team. This is the first year I haven’t gone – his third year of going. He’s all cool and a junior in college and even though he’s the closest kid in geographic proximity to home now, we see him not nearly enough.  He’s the first-born, the oldest boy and well… I get pretty googly-eyed over him.  Moms – back me up!

Claybo’s 21st Birthday – March 2016

To get home they have to travel right around our area on the bypass.  When he texted me they had gotten off the interstate on the bypass exit, naturally I got the bright idea to drive as fast as I could from where I was to sit on the side of the bypass and wave.  I mean, of course who wouldn’t do this?  Making a straight scene of myself for my kids has never been an issue, so I immediately thought I had a grand idea!!  (My husband was in tow however unenthusiastic. He’s probably learned balking these ideas is futile.)  It could have only been a better idea had I been prepared with life-sized posters of Claybo’s face in a total uber fan cheer fashion.  (I’ll have to consider being prepared for any next time that opportunity just might “pop up”.)

I got there just in time!! The bus came by and I waved like a ridiculous groupie on the side of the road and the eldest boy child found it funny and sweet and cute. Yes, he was cut from the same mold as his silly mom and a self-proclaimed “mama’s boy”.  All was excellently perfect in the world on a Sunday afternoon. My favorite day of the week was complete with a glimpse of my man-child and his friends.

Look at these beautiful young people – the whole road should have stopped in reverence honestly. 

THEN — (This is where ‘funny because I’m a goober for my kids’ turns into just plain ole, can’t argue with it, that junk is FUNNY.)

I get in my car, all happy with myself and my glimpse of the baby and I notice a car pulled over in front of me about 50 yards.  And next emerges two young men from said car. Then they are are SPRINTING toward me!!  In a matter of as long as it took me to look at my husband who was shaking his head, I processed “OH MY – these guys think I need help!”

I started creeping toward them in a car that obviously required no help. I asked my husband to get out and tell them I was fine to which he replied “nope – you tell them.” I am sure in his mind he was thinking “You explain you had to wave at your baby.” He was laughing, but that laughing at you not with you kind of laugh.

As my car started moving and they slowed their sprint, I imagine they might have been wondering “whatha?!”  They got within 15 feet and I stopped, opened the door and through near hysterical laughter (because I found the whole thing pretty stinkin hilarious) I said, “Do y’all think I need help?”  Then replied, “Yes ma’am, you were waving someone down.” (translate – you were waving like a crazy women who needed help.)  The rest of the conversation went like this… “Oh my gosh, THANK YOU! #1 – you are precious and your mama raised you right! #2 – I was just waving at the GCSU bus that just drove past because my son was on it with his team.”  (they were laughing politely)  I continued, “But again y’all are simply adorable and I can’t thank you enough. You are good boys!! Really thank you.  Precious. Seriously just precious y’all.”

They shrugged, probably knowing their dear mama would stop on the side of the road and wave like a mad woman too, and jogged back to their dark colored Pathfinder with Fulton County plates.  As they left, I noticed a Theta Chi frat shirt, probably from GCSU or UGA – the bypass leads to both schools.   So, to the Fulton county mama’s and the men of Theta Chi.  I thank you – you are doing something right. Those young men were doing their best to be the hands and feet of Jesus to this crazy mama.  God Bless you and them!

Y’all, My kids wreck me. All four of them. I love them with a stupid crazy love and I pray daily they know there is no level of comic calamity I wouldn’t do for them.  They are forever my babies.

And I will stand on the side of a highway and wave with all levels of enthusiasm appearing frantic screaming “THAT’s MY BABY!!!” again and again as long as the Lord blesses my life with babies to wave at and scream about.

Yep – real story. It was yesterday.  🙂

In His grip – Ashlee

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