Fanning Flames

This morning I had the pleasure of having breakfast with some super women.  They are part of the group I prayed so hard God would send me.  There was a season of my life I did not have girlfriends and surely wasn’t surrounded by the Godly influences of women like He has brought into my life this last few years.  They are my #tribe and I love them well. Love with all I have. As do they. Which makes it all the more perfectly God sent.

The question came up “What stirs your emotions for Jesus?” WOW… that one is powerful. I just flat LOVE how this was stated.  (Thank you Jessica for bringing this to our table and directly to my heart!)

Then, “If all the obstacles were gone, what would you do for Jesus?” Followed only by “How is it going to feel to stand in front of Him and tell Him why you didn’t do just that thing?”  (None other than #iveyleague Mom slapped us with this one. POWERFUL.)

These questions have weighed on my heart all day.  What stirs me? What would I do with all obstacles removed?

As I went about my day working in the yard with Hubs, we eventually got around to some burning of leaves and sticks and such. That’s what you do in the our parts of the country… burn stuff. (I think all men have a secret pyromaniac inside.)  As the fire is burning, Hubs starts to blow leaves into the fire and then blows the fire itself.  This resulted in a much larger flame (which happens with fire and added oxygen, but no need for a science lesson – BORING!). As I watched the air increase the flames, it hit me.  My flame for Jesus is burning bright and it is in part because of the air of these women given to me by God himself.  They inspire me and come alongside me.  They declare and affirm how God intended us to love other women. In strength and aid. In word and deed. In act and prayer.

Just this morning we spent our breakfast time in sincere discussion about our love for Jesus, what he would have us to do and dreaming about how He is going to do it.  There were many laughs and probably some snorting, then tears even from trying to behave in a public restaurant.  (I mean we are representing Jesus LADIES, act like we graduated from middle school sometime sooner than last week, ok?)  I would give anything for these ladies, this time and their relationships.  They challenge me to look at my heart, my life, my choices, my relationships and then hold me accountable to line all up against the bible. They encourage when it’s necessary and re-direct when I begin to get off track.  These are the Barnabus relationships in my life.

Many praises and thanksgiving for them each and every one.  May we all keep “FANNING THE FLAME” of Jesus for one another.

Pray with me:  Dear Heavenly Father God.  Great is your faithfulness.  You care so much for us and know our hearts so well.  You created us women and knew we would have special needs to have other women in our lives.  You want us to have friends to walk beside us in this journey through a fallen world.   Thank you, Lord, for a love so evidenced in the people you put around us.  And God, I pray for the women who have not yet found their tribe.  Keep them close to you while you lead their path to the right women.  Your plan is perfect and we know these women will come for them too.   Thank you for another day, for salvation through your son and for hope eternal.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

In His Grip,  Ashlee



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