Day Three Hair – because it is a thing.

Disclaimer: This post has no deep value other than sharing my love of not washing my hair and the journey to being okay with it (and me).  And as much as I’d like to claim it has a lot to do with saving the natural proteins and blah blah blah in my precious hair follicles – honestly I’m just a little lazy in that area.  And three days, for non-oily hair person, isn’t really dirty hair.  (just saying)

I don’t wear short hair for a few reasons. One: it’s not too cute on me. I don’t have the perfectly shaped face (or body) to pull off the imbalance of less hair to the region starting at…well, my eyebrows- let’s be honest.  Two: I have crazy thin baby fine hair with a bizarro frizzy spot and an interesting cowlick of forty-seven baby cows.  (I dreamed about puppies last night. Totally unrelated. You are not confused – It’s me!) Three: Most importantly, you can put longer hair up. This is a huge help in my hair washings per week regimen goals.

So once upon a time, I would have never walked out of my house without being totally dressed with hair and makeup completely fixed.  This goes back to years when I was much younger and much more capable of pulling off the effortless “throw on a t-shirt and shorts/jeans” look.  I have never felt confident in my own skin and surely not enough to be okay with exactly who I was/am without some serious effort.

Fortunately, the more mature (older) I’ve gotten I have realized trying to be perfectly put together is exhausting. The reality, our outside doesn’t matter nearly as much as our insides and you can look pretty ugly in that perspective despite good hair and clothes.  Not a new concept, I know.  However despite the times we as women are told these truths, we continue to believe the lies of the world. We must keep reminding each other.

More so, I’ve grown spiritually and allowed God to work on my junk (striving for outward perfection being only SOME of my junk-hot mess wreck right here). I have come to cherish that God created me and made me in His image. And you. We are beautiful ladies.  That is so stinkin’ freeing!!!!

If we treat His image cultivated inside and outside ourselves with modesty, dignity and character (I mean don’t go out with your parts uncovered that should be covered), then we let His image that is engraved on our heart show to the world.  The world so desperately looking at our outside and trying to figure out what is different. With Jesus shining through us, suddenly the clothes, hair and face glow with Him!

So embrace day three hair with me for the pure time saving effort of getting ready to go. Then confidently walk in a precious “God-confidence” knowing He trusts, and expects, us to show the world Jesus. Almost dirty hair and all.

In His grip,  Ashlee

Additional disclaimer: Selfies make you look nothing like yourself according to a wise maternal figure very much like a mom (ok my mom-but I didn’t want to call her out 😉), so these selfies were purely in the interest of hair science research.  😂

2 thoughts on “Day Three Hair – because it is a thing.

  1. I think you are a very wise and godly woman that I am fortunate enough to know! You are also funny, loving and such a hoot! Love you❣


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